“I’m not an energy guy.  Don’t have any degrees in engineering.  Haven’t built or run any models around climate change, and have never installed a single solar panel. 

I’m just a media guy…but I am also extremely passtionate, and genuinely interested in our society’s transition to clean energy; not only for all the usual altruistic reasons, but also because the stories of millions of men and women working on our generation’s greatest “moon shot” of all time is fascinating.     Forget Silicon Valley and all the last century’s tech culture. – which seemed to bring little more than mindless social media platforms and ever centralizing ecommerce monopolies  –  I’m talking  about today’s mavericks , entrepreneurs and frontline engineers and executives who are risking everything to take their swing at this amazing challenge. 

Whether it’s new wind turbines, long term battery storage solutions, or a.i. powered load balancing software programs, the REAL stories worth following are not the ones coming out of Hollywood,, but the ones that are coming out of every town, city, state, university, start-up and blue chip energy player in the country; with trillions of dollars and billions of lives hanging in the balance.   

Sounds pretty exciting to me!”

Always Looking for "What's Next"

A 30 year veteran of television production, sales, marketing, distribution and digital asset management,  Dave has a passion for new technology and the personality and cross-functional skills to deploy new products and solutions in fast paced, deadline-driven “Agile” work environments. 

In the 90’s he helped launch AOL Canada with Steve Case, pioneered two-screen interactive television programs for CityTV and MuchMusic, and deployed one of North America’s first MPEG VOD networks with CHUM Television and Bell Canada. At the turn of the century, Dave helped online music and ecommerce company ARTISTdirect launch its initial public offering while managing both the migration of its artist video network and newly centralized data center build-out. Dave is currently working with his partners at PPI Releasing selling television shows across broadcast, cable, “diginet”, OTT and FAST platforms.

Dave is a 10-year certified project management professional (PMP) and served as Chairman of the Marketing & Sales Specific Interest Group within PMI (The Project Management Institute). Dave has published several articles on marketing operations and digital media in B2B Magazine, iMedia Connection, and Jack Myers’ MediaBizBloggers. He also served for many years as an advisory board member for ad:tech, a leading digital marketing conference dedicated to the convergence of media, marketing and technology.