With so many developments to track in the Clean Tech space, it’s impossible to know what progress is being made, and where.  What’s more, there are SO many podcasts covering SO many different aspects of the renewable energy industry, it’s easy to get lost, burnt-out or simply complacent.   That’s why we’ve posed a challenge to ourselves…to interview leaders from  Clean Edge and the Nasdaq’s  CELS “Top 50” clean tech companies over the next 50 weeks,   Can it be done?  Stay tuned.   

The Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index (CELS) is a modified market capitalization-weighted index designed to track the performance of companies that are manufacturers, developers, distributors, and/or installers of clean-energy technologies.  

Clean Edge Green Energy Index Components (Last updated September 2023).

Over the next 50 weeks, WattsNewz will be conducting weekly video podcast interviews with leaders from the CELS Top 50 clean tech companies.   Watch this space, as we tee-up the first one.

  • California’s patchwork push to scale up virtual power plants February 22, 2024
    New rooftop solar systems are worth a lot less than they used to be in California , following the state’s dramatic changes in net-metering policy . Even batteries added to those solar systems to store power when the sun is shining and feed energy back after the sun goes down — a primary goal of […]
  • Smart tech could help fix the biggest barrier to building clean energy February 22, 2024
    Over the past decade or so, study after study has shown the potential for “ grid-enhancing technologies ” to improve the capacity and reliability of existing transmission grids without needing to deal with the difficult task of building new power lines. Now, a new report shows how these technologies — called “GETs”…
  • US climate goals: EVs are on track, but clean power is lagging February 21, 2024
    Based on headlines alone, you might expect that the U.S. is cruising toward its clean electricity goals while sputtering toward its EV goals. But in a counterintuitive turn, a new report finds the opposite to be true. Electric vehicles are on track to meet the country’s goals of decarbonizing transportation —…
  • Inside my quest for a climate-friendly bank February 21, 2024
    This article by Yale Climate Connections is published here as part of the global journalism collaboration Covering Climate Now . I grew up knowing that when you had extra money, you put it under a bed, stashed it in a book or a clock, or, if there was enough of it, it went into a […]
  • EVs are one step closer to becoming roaming grid batteries February 20, 2024
    University of Delaware professor Willett Kempton is a pioneer of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. In fact, he and his team of EV researchers at the university have been turning electric vehicles into grid batteries since 2007 , when they kicked off a first-of-a-kind experiment that’s since been replicated in V2G…

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