With so many developments to track in the Clean Tech space, it’s impossible to know what progress is being made, and where.  What’s more, there are SO many podcasts covering SO many different aspects of the renewable energy industry, it’s easy to get lost, burnt-out or simply complacent.   That’s why we’ve posed a challenge to ourselves…to interview leaders from  Clean Edge and the Nasdaq’s  CELS “Top 50” clean tech companies over the next 50 weeks,   Can it be done?  Stay tuned.   

The Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index (CELS) is a modified market capitalization-weighted index designed to track the performance of companies that are manufacturers, developers, distributors, and/or installers of clean-energy technologies.  

Clean Edge Green Energy Index Components (Last updated April 2024).

Yes.   We’re also tracking Cleantech Group’s “Top 50 to Watch” video series. 

  • Will data centers help or hurt the Midwest's energy transition? June 20, 2024
    This story was first published by Energy News Network . Southeastern Wisconsin and the Chicago area are emerging as major players in the national data center explosion, most notably with Microsoft’s $3.3 billion planned data complex near Racine, Wisconsin. Clean energy advocates in the region say data centers pose…
  • New projects aim to break US barriers to digitizing the grid June 20, 2024
    Smart Wires has spent more than a decade putting its grid-boosting technology to the test in Australia , South America , and Europe . Now, the Durham, North Carolina–based company is finally getting a crack at projects in the U.S., backed by federal funds and policies supporting technologies that could unlock…
  • This NYC high-rise is using heat pumps and waste heat to cut fossil fuels June 19, 2024
    Buildings everywhere need to get off fossil fuels in order to help the world avoid climate catastrophe. Yet owners of large commercial buildings in New York City are especially feeling the pressure: The groundbreaking Local Law 97 takes effect this year, requiring buildings of more than 25,000 square feet to meet…
  • Mississippi just got its first utility-scale wind farm June 18, 2024
    Wind energy development has long been stuck in the doldrums in the southeastern United States. Until very recently, nine states in the region had installed precisely zero megawatts of commercial wind capacity, even as turbines spread across every other U.S. state. Mississippi, however, has just bucked that trend. …
  • New startup aims to bring ‘solar-led electrification’ to California homes June 18, 2024
    Californians have a tough set of choices to make on home decarbonization. They could install rooftop solar. But that’s much less valuable than it used to be for most Californians. They could also replace their fossil-gas-fueled heating and appliances with all-electric systems to cut their carbon and methane…

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